I’M addicted to it and I can’t stop__Ligal wahn

I started like age 7 till now. I’ve fell away in too deep with music and I love music .it’s actually part of me. Music is life, it’s a message to the people, it advice the youth too,but above all music entertain.This way is where I’m going and I’m not stopping until I get there. I love music. Call me Ligal wahn, bless you all.

Job opportunity,Ligal wahn need additional management to his record labelĀ 

The dancehall artist, Ligal wahn is seriously in need of management since it’s a big industry. So anyone interested can hit on 0245061606.music is a big business so one management can not do it all. Invest in and Carry huge returns home just a day. Come get contract

 to change your life and the world.

Reggae and dancehall is dying day by day in Ghana_Ligal wahn

Our so call Kings and Queen’s are only interested in titles, praise themselves and all that, but they can’t do anything better to help grow the reggae and dancehall industry. Bad lyrics, no lasting songs. It’s higher time they stopped bragging and do something better. I will never be like them,Ligal Wahn is the name listen to My songs and compare .I don’t have time for bragging, if you say you are rich how people have you help.think about this…….